New Real Estate Inspections Preoccupation – The True Value

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It seems that many home buyers are reluctant to buy inspections preoccupation and reports on the findings, from the experts. This seems surprising. Time and again, it has been proven that a well written home inspection report which explains deficiencies in mature property will provide the buyer with an opportunity to negotiate a fair price, and that means a lower price, to account for the cost and disruption to a new owner in getting these house problems put-right, soon after moving in.

When we say “inspections preoccupation” we mean a general (structural and systems) home inspection which is made between making an offer on a property and closing the deal/ signing the contract of sale.

A Non-expert Buyer on a Viewing Visit to a House Cannot Hope to Think of All Angles in the Methodical Way a Trained Inspector Would

Some would say that it is perfectly reasonable to base the decision to buy a new property on the buyer’s non-expert viewing visit to a property. After all, the property will normally be sold under warranty for at least several years, and the buyer can assume that defects which appear within the warranty period will be put-right at the house builder’s cost.

List of items checked in general Inspections Preoccupation

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However, there is an opposing view about New Real Estate Inspections Preoccupation, which is becoming much more prevalent, which says that modern properties have become too complex for the average person to know whether a new house, is in fact, ready to become a new home. In days gone by when, for example, the most high-tech component of a house was a wood stove, it was easy for us all to be “experts” as spotters of sub-standard installation, during a real estate viewing.

Nowadays, homes have a heating systems, a cooling system, a plumbing system, and an electrical system for power and communication, and most buyers would not feel themselves competent to judge on whether thes systems had been fully installed in the manner, and to the quality of construction and installation, promised by the housebuilder.

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Any one of these systems if installed incompetently and in a sub-standard way, could once bought, entail the new owner in many wasted hours, and lost use of the home, or parts of it, while repairs are done. Clearly, this scenario is well worth avoiding.

There are other points which during a buyer’s viewing of a property they are unlikely to consider, such as:

  • Mold growth cleaned away only hours before the home inspection,
  • The risk of the presence of radon gas
  • The possible hidden defects in a mature property inspection, and in a new real estate purchase
  • A home energy audit, which should not be needed anyway, for new homes, because a high level of energy saving is normally already being applied to new homes.

Inspections Preoccupation are Usually a Wise Investment

There is aslo no real financial justifiation in not doing a new real estate inspection preoccupation, because the most common utcome is that in negotaion for the real estate in question, a lower price is agreed. The new real estate inspection preoccupation report, price reduction negotiated price is commonly much bigger than the cost of the home inspection, and the buyer can insist on the defcets listed in the report being completed by the housebuilder, being remedied before signing the contract of purchase.


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