More House Buyers Gambling on the House they Buy Being Well Maintained

House buyers are gambling! House buyers who should know better are gambling with their property and with their savings. More and more home buyers are bypassing getting a general home inspection report. They think they know best, but soon after moving in, many of them find out that they don’t.

They think they will save some cash. They think that when house buying competition is cut-throat, by making a quick offer they are doing themselves a favour. But, when house buyers fail to get a preoccupation inspection of ther new property they quite often regret it later, when faced with large builder’s bills..

An example of house buyers gambling which resulted in lack of proper inspection of an old home
A home in need of some TLC!.

Don’t expect them to shout about it all around town. Most people that make a mess of their house buying decisions are embarassed to admit that they ignored the advice of experts. They’ll tell you that the work was planned. They’ll say they have no regrets because they fell in love with the place, and just HAD to buy it. But, in truth much of the time they had no idea of the problems they found.

Even if they did fall crazily in love with their new home, if they had just had the wisdom to seek out a decent home inspection service and bought a property condition assessment, they most likely could have gotten their repairs for free by using the building diagnostics report, and negotiating a price reduction on the house.

It does not take much effort to find an inspection service offering preoccupation inspections with reports provided on mature homes, and new homes, within 24 hours. (Don’t tell anyone (!), but you can click to call for a house buying preoccupation inspection quote from this very website, or email us for a slightly slower response!)

More House Buyers Bypassing Home Inspections

Would you let your kids grow up in grow operation (cannabis farm)? [Could you be guilty of “house buyers gambling”?]

It seems some people are unwittingly doing just that. Home buyers in the current cut-throat market are waving home inspections as a condition of buying a home in an effort win bidding wars.

Allan Spisak, chairperson of the Professional home and property inspectors of Canada says a buyer recently bought what appeared to be a beautiful, three-bedroom, two car garage home in the GTA that was once used as a marijuana grow up.

“Whoever bought it probably never looked in the attic,” he says, pointing out that a home inspection would have spotted black mould in the attic, a result of the grow-op.

“They are going to move in and they’re not going to know what’s up there.”

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Common Home Inspection Findings That Every Buyer Should Know

… Here are some common home inspection findings that you should know:

  1. Old appliances: Appliances have life spans that could be shortened if they are not regularly maintained. Keep in mind that the cost of replacing appliances can be expensive and should be considered.

Before purchasing any waterfront homes …, do some research on the year, brand and model of the major appliances included in the sale for you to get a clear picture of what you are buying.

2. Faulty Electrical Wiring: Faulty electrical wiring is one of the common causes of house fires. While modern homes have enough electrical outlets, some older ones do not. If you see extension cords, check how these are used in the home.

Overloading an extension cord could eventually lead to a fire. Another typical problem is having exposed electrical wires. These exposed wires can cause accidents – from an electrical shock to a house fire. This issue should be immediately corrected by a licensed electrician.

3. Plumbing problems: Another common inspection finding is leaks in the plumbing underneath sinks and around toilets. Corroded plumbing pipes or a broken seal around the toilet are some of the possible causes for this problem.

4. Galvanized water mains: Homes that are older usually have galvanized water mains that result in poor [low] water flow. The corrosion inside the pipe is a main factor. Newer homes now use copper water main line, which eliminates the water pressure issue.

5. Poor drainage: One of the main problems that will end a real estate sale really quick is water issue. Nobody wants to live in a flooded home. Before purchasing …, verify if it has adequate drainage to deal with area rainfall. A home that is damaged by water can require expensive repairs and dealing with mold infestation.

6. Cooling or heating systems: Another possible problem that can surface during a home inspection is the cooling or heating system issues. Temperature control system wear out over time. They can also be expensive to replace. To be sure, don’t indugle in house buyers gambling, check on the age, integrity, and maintenance schedule, of any heating or cooling system in the home.

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Stop! House Buyers Gambling!

If you are about to become one of those house buying people, remember that although the preoccupation inspection fee might seem like a lot of money. In relaity the fee cost is nothing compared with the amount the home inspector can save you. That’s true, especially when they advise against buying so many homes, because they are actually substandard.

It might surprise you that so many homes, are under the skin in great need of renovation work, and yet the owners have cleaned them up for the day, and they can still look just great to the average person. Remember, bypassing a general home inspection report, is just quite simply, “house buyers gambling”!

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The Role of Home Inspection in Assessing Market Value When Buying a Home
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