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Here at Dupont Colorado 4WallsCheckers home inspection we are dedicated to providing every one of our clients with valuable information about an existing home, or a new home. We undertake to always thoroughly inspect all the main components of the property were we carry out an inspection. To expose previously unknown defects, and advise our client (the existing home owner or a potential buyer) about future maintenance commitments. In short will give you the information you require to make an informed decision to guide your home buying decisions.

What We Provide During a Dupont Colorado Home Inspection

Our home inspection staff have the qualifications and long-standing experience necessary to inspect a home, or business premises,  and provide the information necessary for a prespective buyer to make an informed decision about signing the sale documents. Our standard home inspection package includes an quickly produced (part computer generated) report concerning the condition of the homes in queston. We alo look carefully at the main mechanical and electrical systems. These include the heating and cooling system, plumbing and electrical systems.

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Dupont Colorado Home Inspection

The roof, attic, and visible insulation, walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors are alos inspected. But it does not end there! We view and report on the sate of the building foundation available, plus visible areas of the structure. Other home inspection package services can be provided. These might include inspections not included as standard such as, partial inspections, and add-ons such as a wood destroying insects reporting, phased construction reports on new homes, radon and other forms of environmental testing.

What Buyer’s Need from Their Survey

We provide home inspection packages to our client’s requirements, from:

  • cheap inspections, which are not considered advisable, because those inspections do not look into the building in sufficient detail, to
  • full inspections which take about half a day for all but the smallest homes.

If the inspection is too cheap, not everything accessible can be looked at carefully enough in the short time to which such cheap inspections, must be retricted. During a full inspection, and when those are done by experienced and fully qualified home inspectors, they are gonna look at every single piece of the house. Is the first option worth having when you think about it?

The Perfect House Does Not Exist – They All Have Some Sort of a Problem.

As a time served inspector, I must tell you that I’ve never actually inspected any house where we didn’t find some kind of a problem, on the way through. There are always problems. That is the real-world. People accept that. People just want to be told the worst, so they know what is going to be needed. They can budget and plan for most things. Again it’s back to the surprises. People really do not want to be surprised by defects after they move in.

A full home inspection has so many benefits for people. It just makes sense to commission one. Even if there is substantial work to be done, and that is stated in the property condition report, it isn’t such a big deal most times. When they are aware of it they can handle it. In truth the most important aspect of all this is that it is all about the client not being surprised, and as a result not feeling victimized later.

Using a Dupont Home Condition Report to Gain Leverage On Home Price Deals

building inspector in front of house during constructionA lot of people wil say that an advantage of getting a detailed home inspection done is the money that the client can get off the sale price, by using the Dupont Colorado inspection home condition report as leverage on the deal

This is not something that a home inspector will usually recommend. Home inspectors are not experts on how much the house is worth, nor how much any particular defect will reduce the sales value of the property.

For example, if the home inspector goes to a house and finds that it needs a new roof. We will advise that the cost needs to be decided by obtaining written quotes from suitable building contractors.

The home inspector will identify exactly what needs to be done, but it’s not his or her business to say that the client  should go renegotiate a deal. It is inappropriate to expect the home inspector to provide these prices, or comment on suitable cinema’s in any detail. That’s for obvious commercial reasons.

Avoiding Creating an “Emotional” Wave.

“The real estate people are the experts on that matter. But, keeping this simple, lets just say that, if you’re getting a great deal on your home the last thing you need is for a home inspector to impose his/ her ideas on you as the client.  By creating an emotional wave in which the buyer thinks they need to renegotiate everything, a home inspector will not do anyone any favors. The deals that are done should be a function of the buyer’s personality.

The role of the home inspector is more to just try to keep it all calm and keep perspective. The inspector will help people to understand that there’s a solution for everything.

There is no perfect house, so it is pretty obvious that climbing onto a roof in bad weather cannot make sense if it is unsafe to do it. But, by not making the trip up and around the roof tiles on a really nice warm summer day, there would be be a risk from hazards missed.

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