Wheat Ridge Colorado Home Inspection

Why a Wheat Ridge Colorado Home Inspection is Needed

Wheat Ridge Colorado Home InspectionMany people ask, how does a Wheat Ridge Colorado home inspection factor into the process of buying or selling a home? What works is for the buyer to arrange for a home inspection when the buyer and the seller’s realtor have agreed a price. That’s the time honored way that it is done. It works because problems with the home can mean big bucks in repairs. Believe it or not, despite his or her best efforts the average guy, or couple, will most likely not be able to identify these problems themselves. Even if they do spot some of them it is highly unlikely that they will identify all of the problms, or even the most serious house problems. That’s why, when buying or selling a home it’s critical to have a home inspection.

What Precisely is a “Home Inspection”?

Simply put. A Wheat Ridge Colorado home inspection is an examination and assessment of the condition of a home, and considers structural condition, and the condition of the various services in a home (plumbing, heating and air conditioning, drainage, electrical installation and related equipment). Other things may be included as well, such as testing for mold and radon gas, heat loss mapping etc. You should discuss exactly what is included with each of the home inspectors that you obtain a quote from.

When to Commission Your Wheat Ridge Colorado Home Inspection

Here’s how it usually is done. A real estate agent works with the seller to determine an asking price for a home. A potential buyer then comes along and makes an offer. At that point the buyer then brings in an experienced and qualified home inspector to examine the condition of the home. Most importantly, the home inspector produces a concise and well illustrated report, known as a Home Condition Report.

What Happens During an Average Home Inspection in Wheat Ridge?

As one such home inspector, I visit the property and report on properties. I look at each building’s mechanical systems, its structural integrity, and safety items. Having done that I deliver that information to my client. In essence, I’m looking for defects that the layman will usually not notice. It’s up to me to find all the potential problems. I always make certain that I do. So prepare yourself for quite a long process, which takes time to complete! If as the potential buyer you would like to accompany me, that is a very good move on your part. That’s because I will explain the problems I find as we travel around the house. However, the inspection will be likely take a long while. It has to be a very thorough process. But, do tag along behind me, for the whole thing. For an average sized house, this investigation typically takes three to four hours.

You will need to be ready to go up in the attic, and if there are underfloor spaces we will squeeze and crawl our way into those, as well.

For example, when we go up into the loft or roofspace, we will look for any leaks, and for any deterioration caused by dampness. That can occur due to a lack of ventilation. We will also look up there for the insulation material, its quality and thickness. In most homes the insulation is about six inches of fiberglass. That really isn’t bad. It can be adequate, however, newly constructed homes would have 10 inches thickness of it. Make no mistake, that’s going to make a big impact on the long term for your heating & cooling costs. Adding the extra 4 inches can be a complete no-brainer. If so, I will recommend improving that, by adding more rock-wool insulation.

Will The Home Condition Report Say Whether The Property is a Pass or a Fail?

building inspector in front of house during constructionPlease understand that this exercise isn’t really a pass or fail sort of an examination. The purpose is to assess the condition of the house, so that the potential buyers can decide whether the peroprty is right for them. It may be possible for the buyer to obtain a lower price by revealing the Wheat Ridge Colorado inspection report contents to the realtor and the seller. On other occasions, it may take place, that the seller will decide to put right the defects before the sale goes through.

We appreciate that while many people would like a cut-and-dried, pass or fail conclusion, it really isn’t a pass or fail situation. What the home condition survey report provides is the conditions that are currently observable. I often do make suggestions which will help the potential buyer get an idea of the sort of work needed to solve the issues I identify. Providing suggestions or recommendations on the work needed, is a much more powerful way of guiding the buyer’s decision making process than a simple pass or fail. Saying you need to do this and that gives buyers a constructive way to resolve issues. Most people find that to be very helpful. So, forget about the pass or fail conundrum.

It is a fact that most people develop a feeeling for a home, within minutes of entering the property. That feeling is quite emotionally based. So, I tell you what issues you need to be thinking about, before your sign over your money. Many people, if told that the property failed to meet a high standard, would say: “Yes, but I love it and I don’t care that much if it isn’t perfect, so tell me what I would need to do to put it right”.

What Is The Cost of an Average Home Inspection and Report?

A basic Wheat Ridge home inspection can run to about $300 to $400. Keep in mind that inspection is not actually required by law and the inspector is not a council official who has to report his findings the local municipality

All we can say is that it is strongly recommended that a buyer gets a Wheat Ridge Colorado home inspection report done. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know exactly what it is he or she buying. So much money is at risk if there are substantial defects in any property. Surely, that makes the cost of a home inspection and the accompanying report fade into insignificance, by comparison?

Getting the Right Person for Your Wheat Ridge Colorado Home Inspection

If you are wondering how to make sure you have the right person for the inspection. We recommend that you find the right professional, first of all through you Realtor. If not by that route, by asking a knowledgeable friend. For most people the first person is probably your Realtor. However,an increasingly popular method of finding a home inspector is by using a web site service like this one.  If you start with us, and contact us, we will answer your questions and give you a professional inspection quote, in no time. Do call us to provide a quote.

Regardless of who you talk to, during the phone call you want to get a feel for them. Do they sound knowledgeable? Do they belong to one of several national trade and training organizations that these businesses can belong to (Nachi, InterNachi etc)? Most of all, ask what the inspector’s qualifications, and experience will be.

You might want to ask a friend to recommend a good home inspector for you to contact. Look at these national home inspection organizations and preferably ask a friend who recently bought a house. Ask who did his or her home inspection.

What Happens on the Day of Inspection?

On the inspection day the inspector visits the property, and within a day or two a home condition report is submitted to the buyer or whoever commissioned the job.

What is the Measure of a Good Home Inspection?

Within a few days of a good home inspection visit being made, you should find that you have all of the right information to decide what your next move will be.

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