Need a Home Inspection Report But Don’t Want the Cost?

Getting your own home inspection report is very important so as to ensure that your home investment is sound one. You will be making a big investement. Isn’t it worth spending a few hunderd bucks to make sure that a newly bought home, or even more so, an established house. Why wouldn’t anyone buying property, want to check that it has truly been built in accordance with best practise? Are you any different from the vast majority of people who require a home to live in, which is good value, and free from unexpected defects? Don’t delay make a booking today.

The Purpose of a Home Inspection/ House Evaluation Report

home inspection report and magnifying glass imageHouse evaluationbased upon Inspections Pre-occupation determines the problems and recommends the protective actions that may be needed, to stay clear of future maintenance issues. The skillfully qualified examiners you appoint here at 4WallsCheckers or elsewhere, will inspect your house for defects. They will look at anything from the four walls, to air conditioning, not forgetting roofing and insulation that is sub-stamdard.
They will certainly check, for instance, the doors as well as windows. In fact they will look for everything which might cause a problem, from the roof covering, to the foundation of the house.

Shouldn’t the Real Estate Developer, or Current Owner Tell Buyers About Problems?

Yes. In a perfect world they would. But the fact is that quite often when a house is inspected a defect will be found, of which the developer or owner is unaware. This makes a Home Inspection Report a very sensitive and sometimes thorny issue, that can potentially make or unmake a real estate deal.
But, from our many years of experience in this business, we go further than that! Our CEO, Peter Mixon, has gone on record for saying the following:
“The way you handle the home inspection and act on the findings of the report, will ultimately have an impact on the kind of real estate deal that you will get. It can mean the difference between buying a home you enjoy, or one which enjoyment is marred. Lost happiness is easily caused by the need to carry our repairs, and the negative affect that would have on your bank balance.”
“Buying the services of a building inspection professional ensures that you know about the true the state of the home, before buying. Isn’t that essential when the alternative can be a big bill when problems come to the forefront anything from a few months, to years afterwards?”

What Your House Inspector Pledges to Do

The primary role of the inspector is to render his professional and expert opinion on the real condition of the house, at the time the inspection was conducted. Not only will a Home Inspection Report, help you reduce the risk of buying a property which is defective. But, by briefing the inspector in advance of your requirements the report can state when features of the property do not pass your own preferences, and criteria.

So if I Buy a Home After Buying a Home Inspection Report and I Don’t Like It I Can Sue The Home Inspection Company Service?

No, it depends! We do feel impelled to say that the procedure of inspection cannot completely eliminate those risks in buying a house, and what you could claim for varies, as follows:
  • It is up to the home buyer if he/ she still considers it worthwhile to pursue the transaction or not, and
  • Some professionals who offer this service may absolve themselves of liability for parts that they cannot see during their inspection. Most inspecting is done without using intrusive equipment, so any inspectors will only accept responsibility for reporting upon what has been visible to them during their inspection visit.

For example to keep a pre-occupation inspection down to a budget, a Mature Poperty Inspection report may exclude invisible radon gas, mold inspection, etc.

Get a House Checkup Each Time You Move

In United States and Canada, many families move house once every 5-6 years on average. As more and more families are shifting homes more frequently, the need has risen for professional agencies and inspectors with qualifications related to complete house checkups.

Professional Home Inspection

There are plenty of people who are knowledgeable on house building who offer inspection services as a sideline, but are not trained in inspection skills. These people, although well-intentioned, can easily omit to identify important defects. With a trained professional house inspection report, a prospective buyer can use the report to reliably calculate the most realistic price of the property he or she is planning to buy.

I Can’t Afford to Commission an Inspection Until I After Have Discussed the Cost with the Seller – But Isn’t It Too Late by Then to Adjust (Reduce) the Price?

The fact is that, in the majority of Real-Estate transactions, the home inspection report is done after negotiating the price. But, that does not matter as long as the Inspector’s Report is obtained and any defects identified with the seller, BEFORE a contract of sale is agreed. As long as the buyer takes care to avoid establishing a contract for the sale, before receiving the report, the home inspection results can still be used in negotiating a deduction to allow for the cost of repairs.  Indeed, if the repair needs identified in the home inspection report are extensive, a buyer may want to back out of the transaction. If no contract has been made, backing-out can be done at no cost thereafter, and the law allows that.
Our CEO, Peter Mixon, has also gone on record to confirm the value of a home inspection report saying, the following:
“Only when buyers are in full knowledge of the condition of a house, can they fully compare the features and drawbacks with similar properties available in the same condition. Without that information they are just “going on a hunch’. That’s OK, if done knowingly, but by far the majority will say that buying a home is too important to do by guesswork.”

How Much Will It Cost?

These benefits of a professional home inspection report make this service very popular among buyers and sellers. We suggest working with an inspector who is a member of ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors. A professional inspection, will cost about $350 (or more depending upon the level of detail obtained in the inspection report). But, it’s almost always money well spent by either a buyer or a seller. 
The typical home inspection is priced between $350 and $500 dollars. However, the benefits will usually outweigh the cost. The variety of benefits associated with the home inspection may differ case by case. But, nevertheless, the home safety, structural diagnosis, and repair cost prevention will always be some of the core advantages of any professional home inspection. However, the inspection and report will only be as good as the inspector. So, it is very important to hire a professional with experience and proven track record.

Should I Just Accept the Home Inspector My Realtor Offers?

Most Realtor’s have had a lot of experience working with home inspectors. But, they tend to have a working relationship with just a few, and they may have availaible the best type of service for you.
Let’s face it! You want to make sure you choose the right inspector for your home. So, make sure they have had the professional training recognised in your state, and are willing to work according to the standards associated with the best quality Home Inspection Reporting services. Also make sure, by checking, they will give you a sufficiently comprehensive report of their finding to match your requirements. Bought, in that way, a professional home inspection will allow you to buy your new or previously owned, home with the confidence that you are making a wise investment.


Buying a brand new home, or a mature property, is one of the most expensive investments that many of us will ever make. An investment so important should be thoroughly inspected by a professionally qualified home inspector. The inspector whould be working for a reputable company, before the final papers are signed. Hiring a property inspection service can help home buyers be assured that they are making a worthwhile decision on their new home purchase. Phone us now on [phone]!

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