Keep Sane with a Littleton Colorado Home Inspection

Why Spend on a Littleton Colorado Home Inspection?

Picture of Littleton Colorado Home InspectionOur Littleton CO, Home Inspection service provides the information you need in order to make that vital step to making a successful property purchase. Whether or not you are buying, or selling, a home you need us. That’s because having a professional home inspection completed and a full home condition report, from a leading home inspection company will provide you with the peace of mind you need, and will assist you in negotiating a fair and smooth transaction.

Our Littleton Home Inspection service is fast becoming the top home inspection company not only in Littleton, but also in the entire Denver, Colorado area. We are continually being awarded inspection commissions. And, we are daily trusted by home buyers to help them make their informed buying decisions. Our home inspectors typically need from 2-4 hours long to complete an inspection. The actual time needed depends on the size, condition and age of the house. You, the potential home buyer, are invited and encouraged to follow along and be standing next to your inspector as he or she performs their inspection.

The Benefits of a Littleton Home Inspection

Just consider for a minute the pure value which rests in the detail of the property condition assessment we provide. There are over 400 items which we check for every property, and for many homes the number of points reported on is well over this number. We provide a detailed home condition report to you within 24-48 hours via e-mail (dependent on urgeny and specfic agreements made). We gurantee to point out all major deficiencies, and many others of lesser concern, to give you fully rounded and holistic picture on your new home’s condition. We identify any areas in which major expenditures are anticipated coming up so you can, where neceaasry obtain budget guide prices from expert contractors in the relevant trades. This enables our clients to budget for these potential expenses, if they go ahead with the house purchase.

Safety is as Important as Remedial Work Which is Needed

building inspector in front of house during constructionWe put a high level of priority to the safety of our client’s and their family members, if they do buy the house after it has been inspected, and occupy the homes on which we report. For this purpose we identify any potential safety hazards present, which we see during our visit.

Another often underestimated benefit from accompanying the inspector during a home inspection can be that he will show you how the various systems in the house (heating, HVAC cooling etc) work. That means that you will know even better, what you are buying. We also review those items of equipment and explain the condition in which we found them. Our comments will be about the age of the equipment and the life that most users get from similar equipment, before a complete replacement becomes necessary.

The Normal Items Included in a Full Home Inspection

We look at the exterior and include in our reports for the external conditions and any problems with the external buildign surfaces paths, handrials etc. We look at the roof, the attic, and we study such things as the electiral installation for basis compliance with the regulations, and any potentially troublesome features as installed in the property. We consider insulation and its adequacy due to rising energy costs. Ventilation is looked at from the point of view of possible mold and dampness, when ventilation is inadequate.

Plumbing & electrical systems are studied for problems, as well as a look at, and checking on the correct operation of all appliances and comments on those. Heating and cooling systems are included, as mentioned previously. Foundations, slabs and floors are viewd and if there are cracks or subsidence etc., a recommendation is made for a further inspection by a structural engineer. Walls and ceilings inspections are included, as are the garage, all walls and any driveway. Good luck with your Littleton Colorado home inspection. You can call us on [phone] for more info and a quote.

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