Eastlake Colorado Home Inspection

This is so important! Hold your fire! Read on! If you are in-between finding a house you want to buy and closing a deal on purchase, do please just take a breath. Read this. It is for your own well being that we say YOU NEED AN INDEPENDENT HOME INSPECTION. Because, without a professional home inspection and the ability to read a home condition report on that “dream” property, you could make a big mistake. You could easily buy less of a home than a “burdensome money hole”. The average person does not see home defects. Be aware that when selling their home many people get their A home inspectoron an Eastlake Colorado home inspection looks at a window surround.paint brushes out and paint over damp spots, and decay. They may go further than that and even get plastering work done without curing a dampness problem, just to seel the house. But don’t be fooled. Get a professionally qualified home inspector to take a look at the home you want and THEN decide whether to buy.

Professionally Qualified Home Inspectors are Available to Do Home Inspections in EastLake Colorado

building inspector in front of house during constructionOur professionally qualified home inspectors are trained in the art of spotting problems with homes. And, don’t think for a minute that there aren’t a ton of them out there. Some problems are immediately visible such as peeling paint and dislodged roof tiles. You might think that such problems would be a good reason for not going further with buying such a home. However, sometimes these defects can be very easily and cheaply put right. Without an Eastlake Colorado home inspector assessing such matters and reporting on the gravity of each problem, a buyer could easily miss out on the opportunity to buy a perfectly good home, by overestimating the cost of such repairs.

Our Home Condition Reports are Clear, Concise, and Professional to Enable You Home Home In On the Real Issues About Any Property Surveyed

We provide only nationally qualified and experienced Denver home inspection professionals to do our home surveys. Our clients are provided with the information they need to make a fully informed decision about the property. We provide home condition reports which are written in a clear, concise, professional manner with photographs and pictures. For your ease of use, we rush an e-mail copy of the home condition report to you. We also back up our reports with a full money back guarantee.

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Inspection Levels Differ According to Price – Don’t be Tempted to Save a Few Dollars…

The degree of inspection we will undertake for our client varies according to the specific inspection package agreed for each client and property in advance. Our clients for a Eastlake Colorado Home Inspection require from us home inspections which are based upon a degree of survey depth required, ranging from budget pricings from a quick look-see (likely to result in recommendations for further inspection work for all but the newest and best build and maintained homes) to an intensive non-intrusive full home inspection. The lowest level of inspection is best used by sellers that wish to understand which areas of their home maintenance they should attend to in order to sell their properties, and very often super low-cost inspections of this type start by the home owner explaining his or her concerns about the property, and wishing to know whether any known defects are essential repairs needed urgently, or can be deferred without significant detriment to their ability to sell their home.

Call or Email Us and We Will Have A Quote With You and Be Able to Get Started Fast on Your Eastlake Colorado Home Inspection

We always need to speak, or communicate by email, with our Eastlake Colorado Home Inspection clients before seeking to be awarded a home inspection contract. And, we recommend our standard full home inspection as a minimum for any prospective buyers. The cost may seem as a burden by some, especially at a time of life when home buyers naturally seek to put all their money possible into their home loan or mortgage. It is a struggle to find spare cash for home inspections when looking to buy a home. We do accept that, but the potential downside is that of buying a home which soon after you move in needs a large cash injection. That spending can easily end up being necessary, just be to prevent further decay and increasing instability of the structure. To have to spend hard earned cash just to stand still, without any improvement to your new home, would be a massive blow. We recommend that you don’t risk that. Get a home inspection done. Make good use of the resulting Eastlake Colorado Home Inspection home condition report, and sleep easy at night.

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