A Home Energy Audit with a Report Providing Energy Saving Recommendations for Your Home or Property

Save money by commissioning our experts to provide you with a home energy audit! Reduce your energy use! Lower energy bills, and enjoy a home which is more energy efficient and comfortable.

Savings of between $400 to $4,000, are common from implementing a home energy audit, plus once a homeowner goes through the process they also experience a more predictable long-term energy budget, and become less likely to experience unexpected energy bills.

Energy usage diagram for home energy audits
Source : www2.nau.edu

Our home energy audits are fully comprehensive, identifying the most effective actions the home owner can take to make their home more comfortable, healthier, and energy-efficient.

Do I Really Need this Advice? Maybe I Could Do My Own Home Energy Audit?

It is true that the most common recommendations from home energy audits are to 1) seal air gaps and, 2) add insulation. But, assuming that you have done those things already, a good home energy report will delve much deeper into the subject. The report will suggest remedies, and improvements which will not usually occur to the average home owner.

Home energy audit (HEA) reports as recommended by the government’s EnergyStar website can make specific recommendations on energy leaks which are frequently more much less obvious. The HEA will reveal heat losses  involving moisture leakage, unbalanced heating, or other problems that won’t be solved by simply plugging draughts and adding insulation, or even by adding a higher efficiency furnace.

Only Commission a Home Energy Audit After You’ve Taken the Obvious Energy Cost Cutting Measures

Image: Example home after home energy audit
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As a thorough residential energy audit is likely to run to several hundred dollars, only go ahead with a home energy audit if you intend to invest further in order to implement the recommendations given. No matter how good the advice provided is, these reports are not going to provide value, if you dont take the advice and act on the recommendations.

Make sure to, grab your previous energy bills, and use the EnergyStar website advice, as follows:

“If you have five minutes and your last 12 months of utility bills, use the ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick to compare your home’s energy efficiency to similar homes across the country and get recommendations for energy-saving home improvements from ENERGY STAR. You will also need to enter some basic information about your home (such as zip code, age, square footage, and number of occupants). If you don’t have your bills, contact your utility for a 12-month summary.”


HVAC issues for home energy audits
Source : drenergysaverutah.com

The decision to make about paying for certain energy improvements, for example, if you have a broken appliance and need to replace it. Needs no expensive report! But, for most people buying there will be other important priorities for your household energy bills, that you are unaware of.

Find Out if there is an Energy Provider Advice Available in Your State

In many states there are energy companies which will provide assistance to home owners who want complete a home energy audit click here to find out about schemes in your state or province.
Still need a HEA? The home energy saving checklist used to compile an HEA, provides our experts with a way to assess the huge number of possible energy efficiency improvements. Find out what improvements can help you start saving energy today. Return your city page and call (or email) us now!
We’re the experts in reducing your utility bills. That’s why we guarantee our customers, not only service and satisfaction, but we also guarantee truly worthwhile energy savings. And, don’t forget that at the same time, you will be helping to protect the environment.

Can I Ask My Home Inspector to Provide Energy Saving Advice and Mold Inspection?

Not usually. Home inspectors, whether doing a mature property inspection, or preoccupation inspection on a new home, are specially trained in home inspection methods. Most of them do not hold any professional qualification in energy saving, or mold inspection. Most times, a home inspector will decline the opportunity to provide energy saving advice, or a mold inspection service.

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