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Real Estate Tips – For Ordinary Buyers Property Investors and Millennials

On this page we have Real Estate Tips for both buyers and investors. We have curated 3 articles on this page for our readers. All of these have been some of the highest trending on social media in the last 6 moths. The first is, 5 Real Tips Estate Investors Need to Know to Find Good Deals for […]

House Remodeling Bringing Dream Homes to Reality

House remodeling is a great way to bring dream homes to reality, after all not many of us will be able to afford to build new from scratch.  To bring you plenty of design ideas on this page we have curated some of the pages with the highest social votes as “Dream Homes” over the last […]

The Role of Home Inspection in Assessing Market Value When Buying a Home

Many people fail to understand the meaning of their home’s market value and the role of a home inspection condition report in assessing market value. We thought that we would provide an article on this subject to help clear up a few misconceptions. Assessing Market Value – “Market price does not always necessarily equal “appraised value” […]

More House Buyers Gambling on the House they Buy Being Well Maintained

House buyers are gambling! House buyers who should know better are gambling with their property and with their savings. More and more home buyers are bypassing getting a general home inspection report. They think they know best, but soon after moving in, many of them find out that they don’t. They think they will save […]

10 Home Inspection Flaws that All Home Buyers Want Exposed

Many people quite logically say to themselves that they know about houses and think that they would be able to spot all the important home inspection flaws. While it is true that nearly all of us live in houses, it does not follow that we are able to accurately assess their flaws, understand the importance […]

Inspecting Your Choice of Professional Home Inspector

When selecting a professional home inspector, or a home inspection service company, it is wise to check them out to be sure that they comply with all local requirements. The legal requirements for professional home inspectors vary from state to state. If you wish to check up upon the regulations which apply to home inspection […]

How to Choose a Home Inspector

Many people don’t choose a home inspector themselves. They simply engage the home inspector recommended by their real Estate Agent. However, there are a lot of people who like to keep control themselves. Those people will be assisted by this article. Even those planning to engage their real estate company’s recommended inspector, will find this […]

Need a Home Inspection Report But Don’t Want the Cost?

Getting your own home inspection report is very important so as to ensure that your home investment is sound one. You will be making a big investement. Isn’t it worth spending a few hunderd bucks to make sure that a newly bought home, or even more so, an established house. Why wouldn’t anyone buying property, […]


“4 Walls Checkers” the Internet’s Newest Home Inspection Service

“4 Walls Checkers” is the exciting new home inspection service initially offered exclusively to Denver, Colorado residents. It provides the latest website “click to call” facility to help all those that need a home inspection to be carried out by an expert building/ property inspection professional, for any purpose, ranging from a complete real-estate pre-acquisation […]