10 Home Inspection Flaws that All Home Buyers Want Exposed

Home inspection flaw or immediate problem?
Many buildings have non-standard features, which could be mistaken for flaws.

Many people quite logically say to themselves that they know about houses and think that they would be able to spot all the important home inspection flaws. While it is true that nearly all of us live in houses, it does not follow that we are able to accurately assess their flaws, understand the importance of what we see, and make wise decisions on a matter as important as a home purchase, without expert advice.

A home inspection by an expert who holds a nationally recognised general home inspection qualification, and has at least 1 years experience in practising his art as a home inspector, is recommended.

To assist our readers in understanding just what might be wrong during a mature property inspection, and why a preoccupation inspection can be so valuable, we have provided excerpts from two recently published articles, as follows:

Beware of These Home Inspection Red Flags

A home inspection not only allows buyers to learn more about their home, it also helps them uncover any potential problems.

Curbed.com recently featured a 14-point checklist to help home buyers during a home inspection. Here are a few items they suggest to investigate further, during a property condition assessment that will give your buyers more confidence in moving forward. 

Pixabay Image 1185041HVAC system. Home inspectors will make sure the home’s heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system is working, and they should also be able to estimate how long the home air conditioning condenser (the outside unit) should last too. They just need to check the serial number, says Nigel Turner with Total Home Inspection Services in West Milford, N.J. Many condensers last 12 to 15 years before needing replacement. 

Water drainage. “The biggest issue of any home is always going to be water disbursement,” Turner told Curbed.com. “There’s the potential for damage to the foundation. If water is found to be in the vicinity of the house, you want the water to flow away from the house, not towards it.” Home inspectors who use an infrared camera may be able to uncover potential water damage that lurks beneath the surface of a home too.

Roof. Learn how old it is and any potential issues, particularly if anything that you may have to one day bring up to code. Roof problems are responsible for 39 percent of home owners insurance claims, according to data from Trulia. 

CC BY by Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection

Oil tank. Even if the house is heated with gas, it’s still important to check and see if there’s an oil tank on the property in case it once was heated by oil. A tank may still be present. Certain areas require the oil tank to be removed. Others may have just been filled with sand and gravel. Make sure you find out and to ensure it hasn’t leaked into the ground. “Make sure we sweep the whole property,” Elice Shikama of RE/MAX in Franklin Lakes, N.J., told Curbed.com. “Because sometimes sellers think they only have one. They could have multiple underground tanks.”

Chimney. “Chimneys can be a very costly enterprise, if there’s damage to the chimney lining on the inside, if the masonry around the chimney is faulty, corroded, or whatever it might be,” Turner says.

Source: “Home Inspections 101: What to Look Out For,” Curbed.com (June 21, 2016)

Home Inspection Flaws Which Could Become Horror Stories

What surprises could be lurking in a house that doesn’t get a home inspection?

Asbestos pipe
CC BY-NC by Nicobobinus

An asbestos-wrapped chimney pipe

An expired oil tank, without required plastic-coated oil lines
Rotten joists, not repaired properly, causing the floor above to sink three inches
No signs of leaks, but a moisture meter reads 70 per cent wet
More rotten wood joists, improperly repaired

via Bypassing home inspections

How many of these building diagnostics defects would you think you would find if you did your own home inspection?

If you did, would you be able to judge whether the flaws you found were actually a real problem which would should put you off buying a hose you have seen and love? Depending on the amount of damage and work needed to complete a repair any of the flwas listed above, might either be  cheaply remedied, or alternatively may involve spending thousands of dollars.

A few dollars saved before purchase could mean thousands to spend later. It is much better to hold peace of mind and engage a home inspector, before you buy.


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