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Our Home Inspection Denver  Service Saves You Money

“Most people buying a home inspection get back more than they pay!”

Yes it’s true! On average, the financial gain from an inspection is a lot more than the inspection costs. An expert knows exactly what to look for. Our highly experienced inspectors, time and again, uncover high-risk and costly to repair defects. Armed with that knowledge our clients routinely save  $1,000s. WE PUT MONEY INTO YOUR WALLET! The information we provide, allows our customers to go to the seller, and negotiate deductions based upon the property condition assessment. In many cases this can result in a saving 3 to 10 times the fee. Don’t delay. Call us to schedule an inspection now!


A Home Inspection Denver Report Provides Peace of Mind! So, Schedule Yours for Tomorrow!

Obtaining a report on a future residence is important. It enables you to find out about the physical features of the residence, whether these are desirable, or will there be costly repairs. In many cases, building diagnostics show that many Denver houses are sold in much less than perfect condition. For that reason, buyers should make sure of what is being bought. Arm yourself with knowledge. Be fully informed. Be sure that the price offered, or finally negotiated is reasonable. Call us, the Denver Home Inspector, on Call now on 720-689-5018 – Click to Call Now and schedule your inspection.


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You Are In The Right Place To Avoid The Biggest Pitfall Of Home Buying – Order A Home Inspection Denver Report Today!

The purchase of a Denver home, just like anywhere else, is for most people the largest single investment they will ever make. We hardly need to say this! Especially with today’s high house prices. That’s why it is always wise to find out as much as you can about the condition of the property, before you agree to the contract of sale being completed. It is so important that the need for any major repairs, are known to you before you buy. The information will inform your decision on whether or not to complete the purchase of your Denver property. That will be essential so that you can minimize unpleasant surprises and avoid financial difficulties afterwards. A professional Denver Home Inspector should be appointed to perform a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of all homes, before the sale goes through, from the top of the roof to the foundations. Having a home inspected should be looked at as being just like any physical check-up. If problems or symptoms are found which need further time spent on them to assess a potential problem, the Denver home inspector you appoint may recommend further evaluation.

“You Would Not Be The First to Erroneously Decide To Skip Getting It Done”

You are certainly not alone if you have great difficulty in understanding why home inspections are needed. Many people struggle with the concept that they need to take this step of detailed critical inspection. Why spend the money a Denver home inspection will cost them, they think? To them the realtor’s sales talk will have seemed very confident in the quality and good condition of the property.  Also it is very normal that during their visits the buyer(s) will have become enthusiastic about the potential of the property. Also, the media, and especially the real estate industry, spends a lot of time and advertising money convincing the public of the permanence and longevity of our homes. So, to take such the negative view about the possible poor condition of a future home, which the future potential owner presumably sees as a “dream home”, can be hard to understand. From this, it can easily be seen as going against the instinct of many people to appoint an expert, to in-effect, criticise their own previous wish to make a purchase decision.

“Our Denver Homes Are Seldom Built To Last As Long As We Assume They Will”

Every home inspector we employ will tell you that almost all homes, even new ones, will have some form of defects. These are problems that might not be visible, let alone be considered damaging to a non-expert buyer. These defective aspects of a home vary. They vary from home to home, and and may be non structural. For example, the inspector may find also inadequacies in fire protection, or safety issues. A proper home inspection should reveal these issues to clients. If defects are found, taking quick action to buy insurance against such matters, can save you money on costly repairs later. With over 10 years of construction and home repair experience, this inspection expert can perform a comprehensive inspection. A building inspection of this type should include the exterior sidings etc), roof condition, basement structure and any crawlspace, the foundations, superstructure, plumbed in pipework, electrical, heating, and air conditioning, interior and exterior walls, windows, doors, appliances, and more.

Its Always a Good Move to Buy a Denver Home Inspection Report…

Engaging a firm of home inspectors will assure you about the level of maintenance of the house you wish to buy. If you engage a professionally qualified, home inspector, and read his/ her report before buying your house, you will not have to worry about serious structural problems which might otherwise lie hidden under freshly coated paint. Call 720-689-5018 – Click to Call Now.


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** Our home inspection service looks at the condition of the property. If you need a building inspection to verify compliance with appropriate local building code compliance, please ask for this specifically to be added.


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