Ontario to Introduce New Licensing Rules for Home Inspections

new home inspection rules

The home inspection industry has for a very long time suffered from the natural inclination of many people in the housebuilding industry who have a significant amount of experience in actually building homes, to suppose that they can overnight become a skilled home inspector. This is a major reason for imposing more stringent licensing rules for home inspections.

Ontario to introduce new licensing rules for home inspections

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However, providing a satisfactory home inspection home condition report requires much more than a knowledge of how things ought to be built. In addition, it needs a considerable depth of knowledge about what the consequences of poor construction and maintenance will most likely be, and how complex remedial works will be for a wide range of defects.

The introduction of closure scrutiny of those offering to provide home inspections will surely be welcomed by the home inspection profession in Ontario, and over time will raise the standards of the industry.

Adding more rules for home inspections. will certainly cut-out the cheating home inspectors within the state who we suspect are active, as they are elsewhere, offering home inspections, without any real ability or intent to provide a good report. These are the ones which are simply looking for quick cash, and are very un-professional.

However, there is another type of Home Inspection typical of the common complaint made by the buyers of these reports, against inexperienced home inspectors. These are people who are genuinely setting out to provide a good home inspection service, but don’t have enough in-depth knowledge to be able to filter out the inconsequential defects in a property, from the things that really matter to buyers.

The result is very long home condition reports which go into minute detail about easily remedied problems which the buyer can put right with only a few hours of work, in total. The inexperienced inspector will document such things as skuffed paint on doors, and even light bulbs missing. Additional rules for home inspections. should help here.

Without strong additional rules for home inspections the result of this can be to provide a report which is little more than a list of major and minor issues, with very little commentary on the gravity of each issue that may have been found. In fact, usually the buyer wants to know most of all, about the big picture on maintenance needed, so that he or she can judge on the overall suitability of the property for them, and the fairness of the price asked.

A truly valuable home inspection report, is much more than that described above. It is a report which highlights the important issues clearly, first, and then secondly it is very important that the report provides judgement on the degree of complexity and disruption by the remedial work assumed needed.

Excerpts from the local press releases on this subject, have been included below:

New rules for home inspections to be introduced in Ontario, Canada

Marie-France Lalonde, Minister of Government and Consumer Services

Ontario to Introduce New Licensing Rules for Home Inspections_4

Source : youtube.com

Ontario is introducing new rules for home inspections, door-to-door sales and payday loans.
Minister of Government and Consumer Services Marie-France Lalonde made the announcement today in Toronto. The proposed new rules are part of the government’s Putting Consumers First Act, and are aimed at protecting consumers in transactions with common household and financial services…

The new home inspection rules will:

“Regulate the home inspection industry through required licensing and proper qualifications for home inspectors, as well as minimum standards for contracts, home inspection reports, disclosures and the performance of home inspections”; via New requirements for home inspections, door-to-door sales and payday loans

Ontario’s new bill regulates home inspection services

Ontario has recently introduced a bill that will regulate home repair and inspection service companies. In particular, the new rules prohibit certain door-to-door sales and reinforce payday loan rules.

The changes fall under the Putting Consumers First Act. The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) voiced its support for the bill.

“When buying a home, people have a right to expect high professional standards and government oversight of all professionals involved in a real estate transaction,” former Progressive Conservative leader and designated CEO of OREA Tim Hudak told The Canadian Press.

“High standards and a clear legal framework in the home inspection industry will ensure home buyers and sellers receive reliable, informative and professional advice when making one of the largest decisions of their lives.”

The legislation bans unsolicited door-to-door sales of water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and water filters. This is an attempt to protect consumers from what the government calls “aggressive” and “high-pressure” sales tactics.

Also under the legislation, all consumer-initiated contracts (such as for roofing or home renovations) would have a 10-day “cooling-off period”. During this period, consumers are permitted to cancel the contracts without providing a reason.

If the bill is passed, home inspectors will be required to have a license. The Canadian Press also reported that an administrative authority to oversee home inspectors will also be created under the bill that would handle complaint and enforcement processes through discipline and appeal committees. The regulatory body would also establish a code of ethics for home inspectors, as well as lay down a standard for home inspection reports and contracts. What should be examined by inspectors will also be defined by the bill, and insurance requirements will be outlined as well.

Home inspectors are the only real estate-related professionals in Ontario that are not regulated. Ontario’s new bill regulates home inspection services. Additional rules for home inspections. via Ontario’s bill regulates home inspection services

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