What is a Home Inspection Prices and the Top 5 Tips for Purchasers

Today we are looking at the home inspection and what it comprises. What is it, how much does it cost, how long does it take? and what are some tips that you need to know. I’ve also attached a home inspection checklist in the description below so for those of you looking for a sample […]

10 tips for house remodeling

House Remodeling – Bring Dream Homes To Many But Is It For You?

Dream home remodeling may not always be a dream experience. It invariably requires work and determination to make it happen, but Boy! Oh Boy! Can it be worth it!. Many people spend years to buy and start remodeling their dream home. They have labored long over the designs, layouts, and floor plans. Now the time […]

10 commercial real estate tips

Real Estate Tips – For Profitable Property Investment

Ellen’s Real Funny Estate Tips for Investors in Property – I love real estate, and I think people know that. I love to buy houses, I like to sell houses. When I order a drink, I’d like it to be on the house. And– [laughter] I always want to know what houses are out there, […]

Home Inspector Shares Clues on How to Recognize LP Siding Problems

Our topic today is LP Siding Problems. So we’re here in a house, and we’re looking at what is generically known as composite wood siding more commonly known as LP siding. LP siding has been in the news a lot over the last several years because there have some problems with this type of siding, […]

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